Life Enhancing

Life Enhancing

Are you ready to feel stronger, physically and mentally? Build your endurance? Now you can, with small servings of this highly effective, balanced protein. Doctor developed for small children with protein deficiencies, it's an easily absorbed, rapidly used, and complete protein, with low impact on liver and kidneys! Future Peptides™ goes straight into the bloodstream, to build core muscles. Get faster recovery, better performance, increased energy! Bio-similar protein means more effective protein. These are naturally bonded amino acids, concentrated dipeptide extracts of serum albumin. Most people report overall results begin week one. Regenerate your life today!

Effective Protein

Effective Protein

Science shows that weak protein metabolism underlies dozens of diseases. Super absorbent Future Peptides™ has deep impact on all biological processes. Every body part, and function, uses protein! With Future Peptides™ optimal-profile protein, your renewal ignites the first day, working with your dietary protein and helping all foods to be better utilized. This effective, naturally-sourced peptide protein can be YOUR defining factor! Build a stronger, leaner, and better performing YOU. With correct protein support comes greater physical, mental and emotional health. Create your healthy futures with Future Peptides.™



Quick absorbing blood-peptide protein brings rapid results. More effective than "hydrolyzed peptides" these naturally created blood-peptides are bio-similars, non-allergic, tested pure, & raw (air-dried). All amino acids are present in optimal ratios. Balanced and ready to offer you deep core recovery. Discover life with your core supported.

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Future Peptides Explained

Furture Peptides™ Works with dietary protein, increasing its uptake & use:

  • Avoids Catabolism

    A majority of amino acids from dietary proteins are oxidized by the liver during digestive processing, thus converted to carbohydrates, releasing toxic ammonia.

  • Direct Absorption

    From the upper intestine through specific peptide transporters into the bloodstream, these peptides go everywhere to rebuild the body, without digestive dilution.

  • Improves Effectiveness

    Proper insulin response, and glucose use, are supported by having increased amino acids available for the body's ongoing protein rebuilding processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Peptides?

CLINICAL STUDIES HAVE PROVEN numerous health benefits from amino acid supplementation. Clinical studies have also shown ADDITIONAL health benefits from supplemental PEPTIDE protein. SO, what are peptides? HYDROLYSIS IS THE NATURAL INTESTINAL PROCESS OF BREAKING DOWN WHOLE PROTEINS FOUND IN FOOD, AND IN SUPPLEMENTS, INTO SMALLER PROTEINS CALLED PEPTIDES, as well as single amino acids. The smaller the protein, the more rapid and complete its absorption. In order to be utilized, amino acids must be arranged into small peptides, after the larger chains of protein are broken apart. The liver builds the smallest peptides called di and tri-peptides, with amino acids in specific arrangements. The body needs these small groups of bonded amino acids in order to then build thousands of larger protein structures throughout the system. WHOLE PROTEINS, INCLUDING WHEY ISOLATES, CONCENTRATES, CASEINS, SOY, AND BLENDS ARE LARGE PROTEIN molecules that need further breaking apart during digestion. THEY naturally contain no di and tri-peptides. Whereas, Future Peptides™ is all natural dipeptide and tripeptide protein, so it needs no further digestion in the liver. The amino acids are already naturally bonded into the small, useable peptide groups which are ready for systemic utilization. Future Peptides™ is very stable as bonded amino acids, and avoids being catabolized into carbohydrates in the body. OUR GOAL with Future Peptides™ IS TO OFFER SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE NUTRITION THAT CAN HELP PEOPLE REACH GOALS, AS WELL AS LIVE HEALTHY, VIBRANT, AND ACTIVE LIVES for years beyond what has been considered retirement. Future Peptides™ is a unique form of peptide protein, from porcine serum albumin. These peptides, or tiny protein molecules, harness the power of PEPT-1 transporters in our intestines, which allow for very rapid absorption and delivery throughout the body. THE PEPT-1 TRANSPORTER delivers OVER 8,400 DIFFERENT DI AND TRIPEPTIDES. Whereas, whole protein digestion relies heavily on amino acid transporters, which are far more specific and transport only a fraction of what PEPT-1 transporters do. The speed and efficiency of the PEPT-1 transport system allows for faster delivery of protein throughout the body, and bypasses other systems that can limit the delivery of amino acids. DI AND TRI-PEPTIDES CARRY METABOLIC INFORMATION NOT PRESENT IN FREE FORM AMINO ACIDS. Also they are more stable and do not denature easily from poor environment. They are thus more available and likely to be used.

What are "peptides" ?

The word “peptides” has become synonymous with artificial peptides synthesized in a laboratory. However Future Peptides™ has nothing to do with these products. It simply offers natural, whole protein in a ready-to-use form. SCIENTIFICALLY, PEPTIDES ARE DESCRIBED as amino acids bound together by peptide bonds, in groups of less than 50 amino acids. When there are more than 50 in one chain, they are called proteins. Protein is otherwise known as “polypeptides,” where the connected amino acids sometimes number into the thousands. SINCE FUTURE PEPTIDES™ IS AN extract of serum albumin, it is made up of the smallest peptides, namely dipeptides and tri-peptides. They are one, two, or three amino acids with varying numbers of peptide bonds. Dipeptide structure can vary, but usually is one amino acid with two peptide bonds, or two amino acids with one or more peptide bonds. (A tri-peptide has three amino acids, with at least two peptide bonds connecting.) NO FURTHER DIGESTIVE PROCESSING IN NEEDED, WHICH MAKES IT MUCH EASIER FOR OUR BODY TO ABSORB AND USE. ALSO, peptide bonds make the digested amino acids far more stable. .....BY COMPARISON, HYDROLYZED FOOD PROTEINS YIELD random amino acid "fragments," which must still go through the digestive process. Dipeptides are "organized" building blocks the body can use to construct more than 30,000 different types of protein, and more than 293,000 types of peptides. Our body repairs and replaces thousands of these protein structures every day. ARTIFICIAL PEPTIDES ATTEMPT TO REPLACE AND/OR ENHANCE a single peptide, or several peptides, whereas Future Peptides™ contains the building blocks for all of them!! Future Peptides™ presents the body with a full profile of ingredients for complete protein repair and replacement, so that it can do its job well. .......“IT HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED THAT BIO-ACTIVE PEPTIDES MAY PROVIDE IMPROVED HEALTH, MUSCULAR PERFORMANCE AND IMMUNE FUNCTION. ENHANCEMENTS IN ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE AND GAINS IN LEAN MUSCLE MASS HAVE ALSO BEEN REPORTED WITH TRAINING. THE SAFETY OF BIO-ACTIVE PEPTIDES HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY REPORTED.” ~From the 12th International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference and Expo, 2015~

What's the value of taking natural peptide protein?

HERE'S HOW FUTURE PEPTIDES™ SHINES: This non-hydrolized peptide protein **REQUIRES NO BREAKDOWN AND VIRTUALLY ZERO DIGESTION. (WHOLE PROTEINS REQUIRES MUCH BREAKDOWN AND DIGESTION.) **CONTAINS ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS IN PROPER BALANCES, EACH SERVING. (EAAS CANNOT BE SYNTHESIZED BY THE BODY AND MUST BE SUPPLIED BY THE DIET.) **DI AND TRIPEPTIDES, WHICH ALLOW MORE RAPID AND EFFICIENT ABSORPTION, as well as ALSO REDUCING ALLERGENICITY. **LOW GLYCEMIC RESPONSE. **CAPSULES CONSUMPTION IS EASY, NO BLENDER REQUIRED. **PALEO & KETO DIET SUPPORTIVE; NO CAFFEINE, NON-GMO, NO SUGAR. **TESTED PURE IN EUROPE AND AMERICA. **EFFECTIVE PROTEIN NOURISHMENT, EVEN WHEN THE BODY SYSTEMS ARE NOT WORKING WELL. Future Peptides™ Works with Dietary Protein: Taking this natural peptide protein may increase the uptake and use of dietary proteins throughout the body. However, dietary protein has a very high need for digestive processing, while Future Peptides™ has virtually none. Future Peptides™ absorbs directly into the bloodstream. This means that all the amino acids are available to the body, without dilution of particular amino acids like what happens during digestion of dietary protein. Future Peptides™ protein is already peptides, and so avoids catabolism by the liver. A MAJORITY OF THE AMINO ACIDS FROM DIETARY PROTEINS ARE CATABOLIZED DURING DIGESTIVE PROCESSING. CATABOLISM BY THE LIVER IS OXIDIZING THE AMINO ACIDS, AND CONVERTING THEM TO CARBOHYDRATES, WHICH RELEASES TOXIC AMMONIA. INSTEAD, THESE PEPTIDES TRAVEL IN THE BLOODSTREAM TO LOCALIZED PROTEIN CONSTRUCTION SITES, INCLUDING ACROSS THE BLOOD/BRAIN BARRIER, AND EFFECTIVELY CREATE AN ANABOLIC STATE IN THE BODY. Taken in conjunction with normal dietary proteins, Future Peptides™ improves the effectiveness of the digestive process, which improves the number of available amino acids for use by the body. One example of this is L-Threonine, used to maintain protein balance. Excess amino acids available in the serum albumin of the bloodstream changes the body's need for catabolism and thus maintains an anabolic state. The body's need for catabolism of digested amino acids is reduced. This promotes proper insulin response as well as proper glucose use in the glucose-alanine cycle. In short, Future Peptides™ works in combination with good dietary protein.

Why was this product developed?

Doctor developed in response to children's critical care nutrition needs, Future Peptides™ was refined over a decade. The extraction, purification, and concentration processes are proprietary, now yielding an average 95% pure dipeptide protein concentrate. At this concentration, its effectiveness magnifies, coupled with its negligible digestive requirement. Normal serving size is 4-6 capsules, depending on bodyweight and activities. WHEN MOST ORGANS OF THE BODY ARE TOO WEAK FOR ASSIMILATION, THIS PROTEIN CAN STILL REPAIR AND REGENERATE. Future Peptides™ is extracted from the highest quality European porcine serum albumin, from animals fed only Organic and non-GMO, vegetarian food. They are never given antibiotics or hormones. The serum albumin is the nutrient carrying component of blood. Porcine serum albumin most closely resembles human serum albumin. Therefore the amino acid profile, and its balanced ratio, are a very close match to what our bodies require. Future Peptides™ is classified as natural food.

Why is heme in the product?

A small amount was kept during the extraction and purification process. Heme, also known as organic iron, is in the bloodstream for proper oxygenation. Excellent to build blood oxygenation. (Take note runners/hikers/triathletes, etc!) Conditions such as anemia due to iron deficiency will respond well to heme. It is not a heavy metal, and when not used, is easily passed out of the body. People who have been taking iron tablets with little response, often have dramatic improvements after 2-3 months of supplementation. One anemic woman, age 35, reported that her beginning blood hemoglobin value, 82, rose to 146 in just over two months of consistently taking 5 capsules per day.

Why is it important to take supplemental protein? I eat plenty.

ENSURING WE HAVE THE CORRECT QUANTITY AND BALANCE OF AMINO ACIDS IS NOT AS SIMPLE AS IT SEEMS. Doctors report that over 80% of patients they've seen, regardless of what disease, were protein malnourished. Not because they weren't eating enough, but because they were not digesting and absorbing their protein well. The quality of our food and/or supplements, our age, our levels of physical and mental stress, and illness are some factors that can result in insufficient uptake and production of amino acids. This means that our bodies often go without some, and break down muscle tissue to re-purpose others. It's crucial to have a constant and balanced supply of all the amino acids in order to keep bodily functions working well. Studies show that even a slightly lowered serum albumin level in our body translates to a decrease of power, and a loss of muscle mass. RECOVERY, GROWTH, POWER, AND PERFORMANCE ONLY COME FROM THE PROTEINS THAT ARE ABSORBED AND USED; NOT FROM WHAT IS CONSUMED. Future Peptides™ contains all the amino acids in the dipeptide and original forms that our body requires for easy use. As well, the amino acids are in a ratio that our bodies need. These peptides are able to pass directly from the small intestine into the bloodstream. This means little waste and few toxins from protein breakdown, which helps both the liver and the kidneys. The result is far less work for the body, and super-optimal absorption, even if your digestive system is stressed or not functioning properly. It means elegant, fast delivery into your bloodstream of a natural and balanced amino acid profile, so that you can quickly and consistently repair, rebuild and rejuvenate. Daily supplementation with Future Peptides™ can help the uptake and use of all foods, supporting your change to the leaner, all-day high performing you!

INGREDIENTS: What is the typical analysis of one capsule?

Typical Analyses Per One 500 mg Capsule of Future Peptides™: protein 499.687 mg, Carbohydrates 0.001 mg, Fat 0.0025 mg, Water 0.1 mg. Typical Analyses of AMINO ACIDS + Organic Iron per one 500 mg capsule: L-Leucine 58.47 mg L-Alanine 49.41 mg L-Phenylalanine 45.2 mg L-Lysine 42.08mg L-Valine 41.05 mg L-Glutamine – Glutamic Acid 35.82 mg L-Asparagine – Aspartic Acid 31.92 mg L-Histidine 26.29 mg L-Threonine 26.19 mg L-Serine 25.57mg L- Tryptophan 22.04 mg Iron (organic, "heme") 1.143 mg. = 5.5% D.V. L-Proline 22.81 mg L-Glycine 19.94 mg L-Tyrosine 18.55 mg L-Arginine 17.78 mg L-Methionine 8.71 mg L – Cysteine 5.59 mg L-Isoleucine 1.49 mg L-Carnitine 2.46 ug Ornithine 0.205 ug Typical Analyses: Centesimal and qualitative composition Proteins 97.5g%, Carbohydrates 0.04g%, Lipids 0.05g%. Capsules are 100% tree cellulose and water, size 00, FDA certified GRAS. Future Peptides™ owes its efficacy to its naturally peptide-bonded amino acids, which are stable enough to reach the bloodstream intact, via special transporters that recognize them in the upper intestines. This is NOT hydrolyzed protein! Future Peptides™ contains no caffeine, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no additives, no coloring, no preservatives, and TESTS FREE OF WADA'S LIST OF BANNED SUBSTANCES. ALSO TESTS FREE OF AEGIS SCIENCE CORPORATION'S LIST OF STIMULANTS AND PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES.

Does this help with weight loss?

Yes... PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING QUOTE FROM Joseph Sampson, age 26, who began taking Future Peptides™ in January 2016 at 325 lbs., which was a plateau weight for him. He'd been able to loose 30-40 pounds, but for over a decade had not been able to get below 289 lbs. His goal was to reach 250 lbs. by 2017. But, CONGRATULATIONS WERE IN ORDER as of AUGUST, 2016, just eight months after beginning his Future Peptides™ supplementation! Joe not only met his goal, he exceeded his weight-loss target of 250 lbs. “NOTHING I’VE EVER TAKEN HAS HAD SUCH A POSITIVE AND EFFECTIVE OUTCOME…” Joe repeated this several times... “I want to stress that I’ve taken tons of supplements and products for weight loss and such. I have several years of experience working out with body building pros and trainers. I’ve tried medical weight loss pills prescribed from doctors, and have tried all of the popular diets on the market.” Joe has been overweight all of his teenage and adult life. “I’ve tried a lot of things. I know how to read my body and know how things are working in me. I NOTICED THE FIRST DAY USING FUTURE PEPTIDES™ THAT IT WAS DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT, unlike anything I’ve tried (and I’ve used other whey based peptides.) Nothing I’ve ever taken has had such a positive and effective outcome for me. Take that for however you like. 😛 ” BACKGROUND: Joseph is from Western Texas and works for a Municipal Government. His height: 6’1”. His starting weight: 325 lbs. HIS WEIGHT-LOSS STRATEGY: “I portion meals, balance what I eat and lower my sugar and carb intake. I eat 7-8 meals (200-300 cals each) a day, and perform fitness/strength training almost daily. I’ve found this is the best way to boost my metabolism. I’ve always been heavy, even at a young age. This life style is what I have to do to stay fit.” HIS EXERCISE PLAN: cardio and cardio yoga, targeted strength training, and weight lifting. HIS GOALS: Continue to loose more weight and tone up, to get fit and healthy. His lowest weight as an adult was 289 pounds, but, inspired by his success with Future Peptides™ after 21 days, his goal was to reach 250 pounds by 2017... AND... He attained that goal by October 2016. He was thrilled and so continued his program, to reach 225 pounds by December, with excellent development of lean muscle, cardiovascular improvements and great mental health! JOE'S PROTEIN HISTORY: “Most of my prior protein supplementation was whey. I’m doing hemp protein now, and pea protein, but only if it’s in the food I’m eating. I’m not doing any additional protein supplements while trying Future Peptides.™” NOTE: Relative to his weight, Joe COULD be taking 4-5 capsules twice daily of Future Peptides,™ but he agreed to stay at just 3 capsules twice daily, without any other protein supplementation, to record his experience of the product’s efficacy. NOTE: This was a great achievement by Joe's hard work, and it also shows that THIS PRODUCT CAN BE VERY HELPFUL IN A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.

How is the product used?

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: NORMAL USAGE: Supplement the first two weeks 3-4 capsules twice a day, before and directly after your workouts is a great time. (Capsules per day total = 6-8). After two weeks, your serving size can be lowered to 2 capsules twice a day, if your weight is below 170 pounds, or remain at 3 capsules twice per day. For underweight people: work up more slowly, taking 2 in morning and 1 in afternoon; or 3 capsules per day. BOTTLES CONTAIN 150 CAPSULES, WHICH IS A 30-DAY SUPPLY AT 5 CAPSULES PER DAY. Heavy Usage, And For Pro Athletes During Season: 6 – 20 capsules per day. (There is no toxicity or danger in taking more, you just won't need it.) Consider your bodyweight and training activities. Dividing the product during the day is recommended. Pre training and post training servings are the most advantageous.

What benefits do people experience?

TEN BENEFITS PEOPLE HAVE REPORTED TAKING FUTURE PEPTIDES™: 1. Speeds post-workout recovery & increases strength. Builds blood. 2. Activates protein synthesis for lean muscle build, and muscle tone. 3. Improves mental clarity and focus from the first serving. 4. Provides clean all-day energy. No stimulants, no sugars, no fillers; low calories. 5. Helps recover deep, restorative sleep. 6. Regenerates cells, combats symptoms and signs of aging. 7. Improves skin quality, strengthens hair & nails. 8. Strengthens immune functions that fight disease, and improve overall health. 9. Increases sexual performance and pleasure over time. 10. Assists other foods & supplements to be better absorbed.